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We've worked with award winning engineering teams, Y Combinator Startups, Fortune 500 companies and we apply all of that experience to our projects.

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Operator Dashboard
Third Wave Automation
Third Wave has developed a breakthrough in machine learning, computer vision and robotic material handling. They call it shared autonomy. Raidon developed an application to schedule and control trucks, synchronize with any warehouse management system, and manage operator interventions. All so operators have a seamless user experience. The application we developed for them allowed them to go on to raise $40 million. You can learn more about their story here.
Work 1
Work 2
Work 3
Remote control screen left side
Remote control screen right side
Call Center Prototype
Tugboat Holdings
Tugboat is building the future of of consumer-legal interactions. We built a call center prototype for their representatives to leverage before their first launch.
Work 1
Work 2
Work 3

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