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We've worked with award winning engineering teams, Y Combinator Startups, Fortune 500 companies and we apply all of that experience to our projects.

Featured Projects
Automated Rental Platform
Realty Logix

Realty Logix is pioneering a comprehensive residential leasing platform. Through automated processes, it enables tenants to seamlessly browse, apply, secure approval, manage their lease, and sign relevant documents in one place. Realty Logix streamlines both landlord and tenant operations, offering a revolutionary solution to the traditional rental experience.

Data-Driven Web Platform

CitizenShipper is an online auction-based shipping marketplace that connects shipping customers with couriers and transport providers. The company matches "citizen shippers" to drivers who bid on shipments of everything from pets to motorcycles.

Autonomous Operator Dashboard
Third Wave Automation

Third Wave has developed a breakthrough in machine learning, computer vision, and robotic material handling. They call it shared autonomy. Raidon developed an application to schedule and control trucks, synchronize with any warehouse management system, and manage operator interventions. All so operators have a seamless user experience. The application we developed for them allowed them to go on to raise $40 million. You can learn more about their story here

Game Content Management Platform
Waydger Holdings

Waydger is building the most sophisticated game content platform of its kind. Powering bite-sized entertainment games, Waydger CMS allows companies such as ESPN and sports influencers such as Draymond Green to engage viewers with real-time guessing/betting games. The first of its kind, the platform aims to give admins enterprise-grade features out of the box, ensuring they can create, approve, lock, edit and close out games easily.

Call Center Prototype
Tugboat Holdings

Tugboat is building the future of consumer-legal interactions. Raidon built Tuboats first call center, a prototype for their reps to practice before the commercial launch. By developing a prototype, rather than a commercial-grade product, Tugboat was able to learn more about what its customers needed before making a larger investment. In doing so they were able to avoid a premature launch. Instead, the call center met customers' and reps' needs entirely by orchestrating complex user flows and seamless live call handoffs.


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