Tue Oct 04 2022

Three Ways to Build an App

time to build an app

There are three ways you can build an app. Your job is to figure out which is best for you so that you can spend time on what is most important.

The first is to simply learn all the skills required to build the app. This option will take the longest as you will have to learn many data intense hard skills. These skills include:

  • design

  • project management

  • quality assurance

  • engineering

  • architecture + infrastructure skills

The second way you can build an app is to hire, train, coordinate and manage individuals who have some of these skills already. This option is faster than option one as you have some help from others, but will still require you to learn a great deal if you want to properly manage, coordinate and train those helping you.

three ways to develop an app

The third way is to hire a development team that will take care of everything for you. This is the fastest option as an experienced development team has built applications before and therefore they have the skills to know exactly what to do.

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