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web security lock
Thu Dec 29 2022

Web Security Reports & Standards

During this article we will cover compliance frameworks and security standards that you might want to implement in order to protect your user data.

time to build an app
Tue Oct 04 2022

Three Ways to Build an App

You see an opportunity to build an application to solve a problem, but how should you go about making that dream a reality?

Product Development Cost
Fri Jul 15 2022

3 Keys to Cost Effective Product Development

The three keys to cost effective product development, delivering customers what they want without wasting money.

chicken and the egg
Fri Jul 01 2022

Should we build a prototype or design the app first?

When starting a new project, knowing whether to build a prototype or start creating designs of the application can be a daunting question. Engineers will want you to create designs, and designers will caution you don't know what you want to design yet.

test driven development vs naive
Sat Jun 25 2022

The Biggest Cost of Developing Software

Examining the costs of developing software and uncovering the biggest hidden cost most engineering firms don't know.

Tue Jun 21 2022

An Optimistic Approach to Building Software

The three metrics that you can measure when building an engineering team, that lead to faster outcomes, happier team members, and better products.

what is tdd
Thu Jun 16 2022

What is Test Driven Development

A deep dive into understanding test driven development and why it leads to higher quality software.

Exponential growth
Thu Jun 16 2022

Build an Exponential System

Making viral products and services. The three things you can do to ensure you are building an exponential system.

What is software
Wed Jun 15 2022

What is Software Development

Understanding what software development actually is, and why software development methodologies are important.

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