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Wed Nov 01 2023

GCP vs. Azure vs. AWS

Ryan Eghrari
Ryan Eghrari
In the rapidly expanding domain of cloud computing, the three largest providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft's Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


  1. AWS (Amazon Web Services):
    1. A subsidiary of Amazon, AWS was the first major player in cloud computing and remains a market leader.
    2. Comprehensive service offerings covering a wide array of computing needs.
  2. Azure:
    1. A Microsoft product, Azure is deeply integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem, appealing especially to businesses already using Microsoft's suite of products.
    2. Has rapidly expanded its range of services to compete head-to-head with AWS.
  3. GCP (Google Cloud Platform):
    1. Developed by Google, GCP excels in areas like data analytics, open source technologies, and machine learning due to Google's strengths in these domains.


  1. AWS:
    1. Uses a pay-as-you-go model, often providing more competitive prices for basic services due to scale.
    2. AWS Cost Explorer helps businesses manage expenses.
  2. Azure:
    1. Similar pay-as-you-go model with potential discounts for businesses integrated into the Microsoft environment.
    2. Azure Cost Management and Billing aid businesses in optimizing costs.
  3. GCP:
    1. Uses a customer-friendly pricing model, often touted as being more transparent and easy to predict.
    2. Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator offers a straightforward way to estimate costs.

Parity of Features

As the competition grows, these platforms often mirror each other's services, albeit with slight variations:
  1. Compute Power:
    AWS's EC2 vs. Azure's Virtual Machines vs. GCP's Compute Engine.
  2. Storage:
    AWS's S3 vs. Azure Blob Storage vs. GCP's Cloud Storage.
  3. Database:
    AWS's DynamoDB vs. Azure's Cosmos DB vs. GCP's Cloud Firestore.
  4. AI & Machine Learning:
    AWS SageMaker vs. Azure Machine Learning vs. GCP's AI Platform.
  5. DevOps Tools:
    AWS DevOps vs. Azure DevOps vs. GCP's Cloud DevOps.

Impact of Competition

This tight competition has several implications:
  1. Innovation:
    Each platform is consistently evolving, often leading the way in new areas of technology.
  2. Pricing Wars:
    The competition has driven prices down, especially as each seeks to undercut or match the others.
  3. Customization & Flexibility:
    Recognizing the diverse needs of businesses, these platforms are increasingly emphasizing customization and flexibility in their offerings.

In conclusion, the choice between AWS, Azure, and GCP depends on specific business needs, budget constraints, and existing technological integrations. The ongoing competition between these giants ensures that advancements and improvements will continue.
We feel if you do not have a pre-existing reason to use GCP or Azure it is best to go with the industry leader in AWS. AWS, being the pioneer in the cloud computing domain, boasts the largest and most active community among the three. This widespread adoption means more collective knowledge, more third-party integrations, extensive documentation, and a plethora of community-driven resources. When issues arise, the chances are high that someone else has already encountered (and possibly resolved) the same challenge.


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