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We've worked with Y Combinator Startups, Fortune 100 Companies, and Award Winning Agencies. Our services are so effective, we use them internally to build our own apps.

Speed to Market

10X faster
than the rest

Leveraging TDD, we are able to dramatically improve overall development time.


Scientifically Proven
Development Methodology

Nowadays customers expect commercial-grade applications. Studies show that customers won't interact with applications that don't exceed a quality threshold. Too many companies waste their time with subpar development methodologies only to be disappointed with the lack of customer satisfaction.

To be successful, engineering teams should use a scientifically proven development process. Countless studies run by Microsoft, Google and others have shown Test Driven Development to be 40-90% more effective at reducing bugs when compared to typical development practices. Our engineers are specially trained in Test Driven Development, proven to be the most cost-effective and superior development methodology.

test driven development software development
90% reduction in bugs
with Test Driven Development
software strategy


Now more than ever, users expect speed at all times. We deploy applications on AWS, Azure, and GCP for massive scale, building systems that can handle 1m+ users with ease.

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We detect bugs before they reach end users. Code quality, application quality and integration quality are metrics we monitor to improve the delivery speed of our products.

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Monitoring all changes, and their effect on the overall system, we identify security vulnerabilities before they happen. Ensuring applications maintain enterprise grade security.

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While we may not be the right fit, we'll help you find the right development/product firm to fit your needs, no matter what.

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"The Raidon team was self-directed, focused, and collaborative throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond to develop a product that our entire team was proud of. Their professionalism was apparent in the quality of work and we would have no hesitation in hiring or recommending them for future projects."

Steven Skaggs
Third Wave Automation


Raidon Development Service is a division of Raidon Inc. dedicated to helping clients build applications with the same methodologies Raidon uses to build products such as R Match, Prohura, and more.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer several ways to pay including hourly, monthly, and with equity. Clients can pay up to 15% of their service cost with equity given that they supply a recent 409A.

Do I own the source code?

Yes, you do. At every step of the process, you will be given an artifact, a GitHub link, a Figma link, screenshots, a list of what we're working on, etc... You'll have a sign-in to access it all.

Do you build backends?

Yes. We deploy most services on the following platforms: Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Do you help with user experience design in addition to design in general?

Absolutely, we think both are required to satisfy customers. Our designers are top-notch and work with Figma to create beautifully functional user interfaces.

What if I need an application to be HIPAA compliant?

Not a problem, there are four main specifications for HIPAA compliance we adhere to all of them.

  1. Physical

  2. Administrative

  3. Technical

  4. Policies, Procedures, and Documentation

Requirements are all strictly enforced. As of August 2015, AWS RDS, AWS Dynamo DB, and AWS EMR are covered under Amazon Web Services Business Associate Agreement allowing development teams to use popular services like AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS RDS, and more to develop applications that are compliant with HIPAA. Please note while AWS itself is not HIPAA compliant, In order to meet the HIPAA requirements applicable to their operating model, AWS aligns its HIPAA risk management program with FedRAMP and NIST 800-53, which are higher security standards that map to the HIPAA Security Rule.

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