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Coding the Web - The Basics

In this course we will discuss the basics of the technologies that power the modern web. We will cover the basics of HTML and Typescript.

Lesson 2

What is HTML

In this lesson we will cover what HTML is and what we use it for.

You will use HTML to establish the structure of your page. Most modern frameworks wrap HTML in something like JSX, which is just nice to use HTML.

HTML is a specification that tells a computer what certain data means. For example, if a browser sees

image of a girl

It knows that the tag <img /> is telling the browser that img_girl.jpg is a JPEG image and it should render the image as such.

When a browser receives HTML from a server, it will first read the text and construct a tree of all the elements specified in the HTML file.

The following HTML will be interpreted by the browser


And the browser will construct a tree of the elements

DOM nodes

If you right-click and click inspect on this screen

inspect element

You will see the DOM for this page

DOM of current page

Then you click the element selector and see the different containers (nodes) that make up the screen.

Select element
Div element in the dom

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