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Web Engineer vs Web Developer

You might be wondering the difference between a web developer and a web engineer. Really, the two names are synonymous. If we must specify a difference we could say a Web Developer could be more focused on the layout and styles — of content sites. Working with Vue, Angular, React, Tailwind, Nest, Express, etc… While a Web Engineer is building data-rich UIs/applications again using all the same tools, Vue, Angular, React, Tailwind, Nest, Express, and Postgres.

Different companies have different names for roles. If you compare a web developer job description with a web engineer one at different companies they will most likely be similar. At Raidon we train Raidon Engineers. We chose to use the word engineer over developer to emphasize the priority of architectural decisions, but again there is really no difference.

There is nothing stopping a developer from making architectural decisions and there is nothing stopping an engineer from developing. There are many characteristics of a successful developer/engineer. At the core of each job, is the ability to hold highly complex systems in their mind, and communicate them simply to humans and computers alike. This is why adding many developers to a project doesn't increase the speed of development. Every added developer increases the difficulty of keeping all developers on the same page. The best technique to overcome this is to modularize development. Architects and engineers are usually responsible for modularizing a system so that each module can be independently developed by a small team, and eventually integrated.

If you are trying to decide between hiring a web engineer or a web developer. The better question is likely: Do you want to build your own web technology team or do you want the outputs that you get from a technical team?

Web developers and web engineers are the same things. But building your own team vs. hiring an existing one is very different. The best teams will know how to modularize a project, they will know how to manage engineering velocity, they will know how to validate the APIs they build, they will know how to structure the hierarchy of the application, they will know how to select the appropriate technologies for each module, they will know how to continually simplify the system to avoid technical debt and entropy.

Developers can do whatever engineers can do a vice versa. Skills are far more important than titles. We do not hire based on title, Raidon hires based on skills and the discipline to apply those skills regularly. The most important skills of a modern web engineer are:

  • Typescript — A programming language that includes a powerful type system to help avoid common time-consuming bugs when writing Javascript.
  • Git — A software for tracking changes in a set of files, used to coordinate work among programmers.
  • Diagraming — The ability to simplify complex systems into human-readable visuals that account for the interconnections of various services and the services themselves.
  • Problem-solving — The ability to break down a complex set of issues into smaller solvable issues, and integrate the results into a simple solution.
  • Presenting — The ability to simply communicate a problem and demonstrate a solution

All Raidon engineers are masters of these 5 important skills.

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