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Build an Exponential System

Exponential System

There are three things you can do to make sure you are building an exponential system.

⏰ Production is not measured with time.

📈 There are no limits on production.

💸 Value increases as production increases.

Production is not measured with time.

Time is finite, you can't get better at time. However, you can get better at selling more, building faster, and making things more beautiful. Measure your production time-independent.

There are no limits on production.

In many tech firms, they will measure an engineer's output in the number of hours they work. Then they will “cap” the engineer's production to 40 hours per week. You can do so much more. Produce without limits.

Value increases as production increases.

Set up your work to ensure the more you work, the more valuable your work becomes. The more work you do for clients the more they tell others how good you are. The easier you make it for a user to share a photo on your application the more photos the other users can enjoy. Capitalize on network effects.

An exponential system will produce exponential results.

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